Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices Book

In the Xcelsius space we have an amazing network of experts who are passionate about interactive data visualization and dashboards who use Xcelsius as their technology of choice. One of these long standing experts is Loren Abdulezer who has been an Xcelsius expert and power users for many years.

With Loren’s book, Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices, he has done an amazing job of organizing best practices and techniques for successfully implementing dashboards with Xcelsius. I recommend this book to anyone who is using Xcelsius, whether you are just starting out, or currently implementing dashboards within your organization. After reading this book, you can significantly improve your ability to transform dashboard requirements into robust dashboards with Xcelsius.

The book is an easy read and thoughtfully written by Loren into a format that is logical and easy to follow. I thank Loren for the passion and time he put into this book.

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