Last week, Centigon Solutions release a new data connector for Xcelsius enabling direct connectivity to csv (comma separated values) files. Geared toward customers who require a simple method for updating Xcelsius dashboards, CSV Connector adds value by streamlining dashboard development and connectivity to external data.

Until now, Xcelsius required XML data and web services for live connectivity. CSV Connector is an optimal component for your developer toolbox to connect a dashboard to a flat file located on your desktop or web server.

Since I started using this data connection, CSV Connector has proven to be a perfect low cost solution for building dashboards against legacy reporting systems and databases. In several projects where I have successfully injected csv connectivity, I saved a tremendous amount of development resources previously expended in writing redundant .NET or J2EE services. Even when web services are required to meet customer requirements for live personalized data, I use CSV connector while refining the dashboard design. In several cases I have used a combination of csv connectivity and web services to enable a customer to mashup data from different data sources.

From a property sheet data preview to a simple row filter property, CSV Connector is optimized to make development a breeze while enabling direct connectivity without any additional server-side installation. Try CSV Connector using the free trial and feel free to post any comments or questions.


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