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RoamBi provides an excellent application for presenting data as interactive visualization on an iPhone. As one of the supported data sources available with the free version of RoamBi , you can retrieve the latest information available from your company’s instance while on the go. This is a powerful proposition not only for a mobile sales force, but also administrators, marketing and management who interface with To publish RoamBi views against, you will utilize reports to provide appropriate data. Using reports, RoamBi invokes to do the heavy lifting.

My company, Centigon Solutions, has standardized all CRM, marketing, and support on the platform. With the desire to keep up with the daily operations, there are many scenarios where RoamBi assists me in tracking my organization’s ability to close opportunities, follow up on leads, and serve Centigon Solutions customers.

There is a lot of valuable information stored inside of that is useful on the go. If your organization utilizes the “Products” capabilities within Enterprise, you can use RoamBi as a reference tool for tracking the latest product SKUs and pricing information. In my case, Centigon Solutions stores all SKUs in so we can report on product performance, support cases, etc. Organized by product family, CataList organizes all of my products so that anyone within Centigon Solutions can get an up to the minute view of current product pricing and availability.

Below is a list of other ways I am currently using RoamBi at Centigon Solutions:

  • Pipeline/Sales
    • Pipeline by Stage- CataList
    • Sales by Source- CataList
    • Sales- Current Month Sales- SuperList
  • Lead Analysis
    • Daily Trials by Campaign- CataList
    • Current week trial Download Leads by Product- PieView
    • Neglected Leads- SuperList
  • Support
    • Aging Cases- CataList
  • Administrative
    • Current Month customer portal sessions- CataList


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