Earthquake Tracker Dashboard 2.0 with GMaps Plugin 2.0

With Centigon Solution’s new GMaps Plugin 2.0, I wanted to give my Xcelsius Earthquake tracker dashboard an upgrade. The new and improved earthquake tracker 2.0 now displays worldwide activity as an interactive heatmap, so you can visualize not only the density of earthquakes for a specific region but also color intensity based on the magnitude. In addition, I wanted to provide visibility to the tectonic plates, so I downloaded an ESRI shapefile with tectonic plates and hooked it up to GMaps Plugin using the new shapefile connectivity option.
GMaps Plugin Earthquake Tracker Dashboard

Like version 1, I have provided the dashboard source files which are available on the Centigon Solutions dashboard templates page. Download a GMaps Plugin trial first so you can see exactly how simple it is now to integrate rich Google Maps functionality for Xcelsius.

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