Xcelsius and Flash Player 10.1

Adobe recently released the heavily anticipated Flash Player 10.1. This release had a lot of attention which I believe may speed up the adoption rate in the short term. This is important for Xcelsius developers because there are a few items that we have found that may impact your deployments. If you are interested, here is some additional information about Flash Player 10.

PowerPoint and Flash Player 10.1- If you embed an Xcelsius SWF inside PowerPoint, it only will work on your own PC and not on machines with previous versions of Flash Player. PowerPoint uses an ActiveX controller to run Flash player and for some reason version 10.1 will not render content from previous versions of Flash player in PPT. The symptom is a PPT slide that displays as a white box during presentation mode. If you right click on the object, you can still see the Flash Player dialog box, but no content. There are two known solutions:

1: Do not embed your SWFs in PPT
2: Revert back to Flash player 10.0.x

SWF Performance and Flash Player 10.1- I have not noticed any real performance gains in Flash Player 10.1 and Xcelsius. A new feature with Flash Player 10.1 improves memory and power usage, so if you have large SWF files greater than 2 MB, there is a chance that clients running Flash player 10.1 may not run anymore.

If you experience any more issues or gains from Flash Player 10.1, let me know and I will add them to the post. For those of you who want to revert back without digging through the Adobe web site, I have provided the download here: Download Flash Player 10.0


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