SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Versions Overview

As many of you know by now, SAP has re-branded Xcelsius into SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. As expected there is some confusion for customers who have long used the technology with or without BusinessObjects integration. The name change at this point is a pure marketing play and introduces no changes to the integrated development environment at this point. Below, I have provided a list of the new product names and their previous equivalent.

Xcelsius Present is now SAP Crystal Presentation Design
This version has no connectivity options and only exports to PPT, PDF, DOC, ect.. but no export to SWF option.

Xcelsius Engage is now SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Personal Edition
This version has connectivity but with build-in restraints limiting you to 2 connections.

Xcelsius Engage Server is no longer sold by SAP, but there is a similar offering offered by the guys at Flynet called Flynet Xcelsius Server 2010
This version enables unlimited connections with a concurrent access licensing for viewing runtime SWFs

Xcelsius Enterprise which previosly was sold with viewer licenses is now SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Departmental Edition and has viewer licenses called SAP Crystal Dashboard Viewing options.
This comes with the other connectivity and portal integration connections.

I believe that all of these versions are designed for use outside of BusinessObjects. I am sure there is a different SKU for BusinessObjects customers so if anyone wants to help fill in those gaps let me know.

I usually stay out of licensing matters on my blog, but there have been so many emails and phone calls in the last two weeks, I wanted to get this up for me to reference. I can’t comment on any pricing since it is subject to change but hopefully this will help you make sense of these changes. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to get the correct information.


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