Using Google Maps Premier inside Crystal Reports with GMaps Plugin

When we built GMaps Plugin, Google Maps Premier powered integration for Xcelsius dashboards, I realized an instant workable solution for Crystal Reports, even though there are already a variety of powerful map solutions available. With GMaps Plugin 2.1 release around the corner, we will be one step closer to producing powerful Google Maps enabled views for use in Crystal Reports.

Though Centigon Solutions has not announced any formal GMaps Plugin support for Crystal Reports, I have been playing around in my free time with GMaps Plugin coupled with the Crystal Reports connector as a simple bridge to Crystal Reports integration. While evaluating some of the business cases for these technologies working together, I have engaged several experts to see how their customers may value this integration.

I am curious from my fellow Xcelsius and Crystal Reports gurus how you would envision a Google Maps enabled Crystal Report to bring real business value. While mashing up technologies is fun, it is practical utility that I am after. I will shortly post how to drag and drop Google Maps into a Crystal Report using GMaps Plugin.
Google Maps in Crystal Reports

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