I am happy to have finally released the latest version of CSV Connector today. I would like to thank our Centigon Solutions power users and customers for providing us feedback through our private beta program.

For those of you who may not have seen CSV Connector, this Xcelsius data connection allows you to connect directly to CSV files, eliminating the requirements for web services or XML. Most of our existing customers use it to update Excel-based dashboards without re-generating SWFs. Others use it to automate data refresh from legacy reporting systems that don’t have web service APIs.

The two major additions to this new version are runtime aggregation and export capabilities.

Runtime Aggregation: We had a ton of requests to combine Filtered Summary capabilities with CSV Connector and we have delivered on that promise. Developers can now filter and summarize a single CSV file with thousands of records down to smaller bits appropriate for Xcelsius consumption without loading the entire CSV payload into Excel.

This model has 2 connections that load and aggregate 3,000 rows of data on the fly. No Excel logic with minimal bindings creates a fast performing and easy to maintain dashboard.
Download Source Files

Export Capabilities: One of long standing feature requests by Xcelsius customers is an ability to export data. The current version of Xcelsius uses Flex v2, which restricts us from exporting data from a SWF to the local PC. The most efficient alternative is to use a simple web service to transact data from a SWF to a physical CSV file. CSV Connector provides a simple property sheet tab to configure export capabilities making this export process seamless to end users.

Download Source Files

Web Service Availability: The web services that process data from CSV Connector are very basic, so we decided to release these services as open projects, allowing developers to access and install the export services for free. This allows us to update and improve the services much faster than our typical release schedule for CSV Connector, while using the community to help us make the most powerful solution possible across multiple platforms.

We have released CSV Connector ready services for .NET and PHP with JSP on its way.

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