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First, I wanted to wish my readership a happy and safe new year. As I wrap up 2010 and take a few days off, I wanted to take some time to reflect on some of the key themes that directly impacted my work and personal life.

Starting with personal life, I believe that I spent more time in front of my laptop screen than all other activities combined including sleep. That is a scary thought and one that I will remedy in 2011 as I try some new organizational techniques that I have been reading about. My team is getting bigger in January so that will also hopefully leave me with more time to do other things away from my computer.

Maps, Maps, and more Maps– In 2010, my #1 focus were maps for business intelligence. With 2 major releases in 2010, we added significant value to our GMaps Plugin offering and just wrapped up version 3 for early Q1 2011 release. Next year you can plan on lots of innovative mapping capabilities from Centigon Solutions.

Xcelsius Slipped– This year, we got a handful of hotfix releases from SAP BusinessObjects with no new functionality other than Windows 7 support. Hopefully the 4.0 and 4.1 release in 2011 will illustrate that SAP can in-fact develop compelling new technology from the BusinessObjects portfolio.

Mobile Exploded– We know mobility is critical to our future as consumers and will play an important role in Business Intelligence. Roambi has clearly demonstrated their thought leadership in this area so I look forward to personally using and promoting this technology in 2011, while investing more of my time developing our own mobile capabilities.

Adobe Flash Black Eye– The Adobe Flash drama continued as a delayed Flash Player 10.1 finally made its way onto Android devices. I believe that 2011 is the make it or break it year for Adobe and Flash as we get closer to realizing the potential of HTML5.

Thanks again to everyone for an amazing 2010, and I look forward to writing and continuing to push the envelope in 2011!


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