Isn't Innovation Wonderful?

By February 25, 2011Other

We used to say that hardware is out-dated by time you get it set-up at home. Now mobile hardware is out-dated before it reaches the store shelf? This was true with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and now with the Motorola Xoom tablet, that now ships missing a new high speed peripheral connector type called “Thunderbolt.” This technology developed by Intel and will possibly replace USB and Firewire. New Xoom customers must send their tablet back to be retrofitted with the new Thunderbolt connection. My biggest gripe about the Xoom is it does not ship with Flash. Announced last week, Flash will not be available for Xoom until a firmware update is released in a “few weeks.”

As competition heats up to catch up with Apple, it has become obvious how Apple’s control over its own hardware, software, and marketplace really does benefit consumers. So now I wait again for a full size, Flash enabled tablet.

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