What the heck is a Centigon?

Every once in a while someone will ask us where the name “Centigon Solutions” originated?

First I will define what a Centigon is:

One centigon of latitude represents approximately one kilometer on the earth’s surface, in the same way that 1 nautical mile represents approximately One minute of latitude in traditional navigation. It is not quite as sexy as “Google” but the idea was to use a location based measure for our name, and up popped “Centigon.”

So while we really liked ring of the name and the many design and product cues that we could draw from it, there was already a Centigon in¬†existence¬†who produces armored vehicles. Knowing that our product brand would overshadow our company name, and no one would ever mistake armored vehicles for software, we went for “Centigon Solutions.”

Its a mouthfull, but it is part of our company DNA now.

How was your company name created?


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