You put blood sweat and tears into a dashboard design element and want to re-use it in another project. This question often arises, so if you are not aware, you can copy and paste components between 2 instances of Xcelsius.

There are a few best practices to accomplish this successfully, ensuring the copy and paste will not only hold your bindings, but also not crash or corrupt your project.

STEP 1: Match up your XLF files


There needs to be some consistency between your Xcelsius project files before you copy and paste. The most important is Excel ranges and tabs. The tab names where your components are linked need to be identical. In other words, if you have a chart that is bound to a range called ‘Sheet1’!$D$2:$D$5 your new XLF project will also need to have a range available called ‘Sheet1’!$D$2:$D$5. Otherwise your bindings will be lost.

If you are pasting into a project that already has tab names established, you can always go back to your original XLF and change the Excel tab names. If you do this, make sure you save your XLF as a new version before copying anything over.

Xcelsius Skin

If your old XLF project uses a different skin than the new one, all of your custom color configuration and styling could be lost. Make sure the skin for your new XLF is the same as the old.

Step 2: Copy over data

If you want to use data from your old XLF inside of the new project, you will need to copy data from Excel sheets. Unfortunately in many cases it is not quite as simple as it should be. My recommendation is to go into your old XLF, click on the Data menu, and then Export Data. Open the Excel sheet and paste from Excel into your new XLF.  Once again you need to make sure that if you are copying formulas, you paste into the exact same range and that your XLF contains the correct tab names.


Step 3: Copy your Components

This is the easy part! Select the components that you would like to copy from your canvas or the Xcelsius Object Browser. Press Ctrl & “C” to copy the components. Inside your new XLF, press “Ctrl” & “V” to paste your components. With your new components inserted, you will want to close your old XLF and save your new XLF. I have seen odd behavior over the years with Excel and Xcelsius when you have more than one Xcelsius project open.

Let me know if you run into any problems or nuances. I have avoided several of them using the process described above.


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