Today, my team released a free component into our labs page called Input Text. This super-simple component is something that we have used for a long time, and I asked my team to package it up for the community to use and distribute. The driver for this effort was a recent requirement for auto-fill supplied by a customer. Instead of building an auto-fill component, I suggested a technique of combining our input text box with Filtered Summery. The combination worked like a charm and saved the customer thousands of dollars in custom development. From that experience, I wanted everyone to have this new functionality without having to pick up the Xcelsius SDK.

The filtering process is taken care of with Filtered Summary, which allows you to filter thousands of records very quickly as you type in values.

We should have some other incredibly useful templates like this coming soon to the community where we leverage our components with standard Xcelsius functionality to create truly useful experiences.

Get the source files and component

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