Over the last few months, I have been a regular visitor to Josh Tapley’s blog, http://data-ink.com/. His natural design aesthetic coupled with technique is something I admire, and his willingness to share with the community is something that should be appreciated by anyone who is using his tools/techniques.

I reached out to Josh to learn more about him and his experience and wanted to share with you:

Q: When did you learn how to approach dashboard design best practices?

A: I learned about Edward Tufte and Stephen Few right before I began using Xcelsius, which significantly impacted my design style.  I’m completely self taught utilizing online blogs (EverythingXcelsius, MyXcelsius and HackingSAP) as well as the very active LinkedIn groups.

Q: When did you start using Xcelsius?

A: My first public splash with my Xcelsius work was for the 2010 Reportapalooza.  I continued to practice with the software to make sure that I didn’t lose in 2011 (even though that competition never came).  During that time, Kalyan Verma asked me to guest blog on his site and I founded my own blog to showcase my work.

Q: What dashboard are you most proud of:

A: Late summer of last year I placed as a winner in the ‘Dig-In’ category for the Strata O’Reilly Conference in a data visualization competition that was judged in part by Juice Analytics.  My interactive dashboard was a Xcelsius solution that I built in a single weekend.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: Now I’ve left my previous career in health care to join Ron Keler (fellow Xcelsius blogger) as a BI consultant at Cleartelligence specializing in dashboard design.

Make sure you check out and bookmark Josh’s blog:  http://data-ink.com/


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