Recent history tells us that any big moves that Apple makes will make waves in the consumer and enterprises mobile space. If are not aware, the next version of the iOS operating system will no longer include Google Maps. Instead Apple has released their new Apple Maps technology, which will be available to consumers in iOS6 sometime in the Fall. (from what I have read). Anyone who uses Android enabled devices has long benefited from a very powerful, vector based, Google Maps experience while Apple iOS users have been stuck with a satisfactory experience on iPhone/iPad. If you check out the video, you can see for yourself just how much better Apple Maps will be.

Why this could be Good for consumers

iOS and Android are building up their operating system walls and maps are an incredibly important as one of the most heavily used mobile services. Because the base map functions are baked into the operating system, Google Maps V5.x for Android or Apple Maps for iOS will provide the best possible experiences for consumer based Apps.

Why I am so excited

As a fan, OEM re-seller partner, and user of Google Maps it actually thrilled me to know that Apple is making a big splash with their new maps platform. Because we are developing our own Google Maps powered App on iOS, GMaps Moible, at some point soon we will be able to push our customers into a legit turn by turn navigation with Apple Maps. Even more important, this recent announcement and press around Apple Maps amplifies the importance of location-based services and visualization in our daily lives.

Setting user expectations

Fast advancements for mobile mapping capabilities could leave cross platform mapping solutions begging for more. A perfect example is our GMaps Mobile solution which leverages Google Maps Javascript APIs. These APIs provide us with the power to provide enterprise class visualization and analysis. Apple Maps and Google Maps Mobile APIs are just not powerful or extendable enough for the enterprise scenarios that we cater to.  With that said, we will have to properly set expectations for enterprise customers who will become accustomed to the vector and 3D capabilities of Apple Maps.. It should be an adventure!

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