The joys of running of a small business

Over the last couple of years, as my company, Centigon Solutions, has grown its customer base and revenues. I had recently taken a step back and think about how to keep myself and my team happy and motivated.

“Balance” is our recently adopted mantra that our entire team buys into.

This concept of “balance” is something that everyone wants- Work, health, family, social life… As en enterprise software company we structure our work schedules, timelines, release dates, and activities to ensure that every team member has the opportunity to have balance…

-For example, as a leader of the company I am fanatical about college basketball, so we don’t schedule major product releases during march madness because I typically go on the road to the tournament.
-We try to keep healthy food, tea, and fresh company paid for vegies and fruits to make fresh juice.
-After ever major product release we have an engineering week long break where the engineers can re-charge their batteries (above and beyond PTO).
-Several times a year we take the day off and as a group go out and blow off some steam together.

All of our employee’s performance goals are timeline, task, and quota driven so with a hand-picked, well qualified team of professionals this system works well for us. As we start to recruit more employees, we now look for those who at some point in their career have worked for a larger corporation. I believe this gives someone perspective to understand and truly appreciate that our offering of “balance” in addition to other intangibles that make small companies exciting to work for.

What do you and your teams do to keep everyone motivated and light on their feet during stressful times?

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