Warning for those who are upgrading to BI4 SP04

If you are using the BI4 SP02 enterprise connectivity for SAP Dashboards and upgrade your system to BI4 SP04, your dashboards will not work unless your system administrator specifically defines somewhere in the upgrade path to install RESTful web services. Why? Because between SP02 and SP04, Xcelsius now uses the RESTful services.

How this was missed as a standard upgrade for SP02 to SP04 upgrade is purely idiotic… However, if you are doing a fresh install of SP04 this service is included so you are covered. So once again, for those customers who upgrade, you have to be very careful.

Once I actually figure out how to successfully upgrade with the RESTful service, I will let you know.


I abandoned trying to perform an upgrade. I followed recommendations and documentation but I was never prompted to select the services using the ZIP from the service marketplace.

I cloned my VM, un-installed SP02, and installed the full SP04.  That went pretty smooth and I now have my RESTful services running. However, as soon as I migrated my UNX Universe over and tried running Webi, I get a host of errors from Webi and Xcelsius. After a couple of hours troubleshooting, I officially gave up.

Now we will pay one of our partners to come in and hopefully save the day. This is seriously scary how bad of an experience this has been for someone who is not a professional BusinessObjects administrator but someone who has been stood up dozens of BusinessObjects Enterprise sandboxes over the years. I will keep you posted on how long and how much it cost us to get just a basic BI4 SP04 environment running and if in fact I was doing something wrong all along.

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