Are there over 800 dashboard developers who are better than you?

Recently, I was asked by SAP to provide them with a couple example dashboards so they can test it with the upcoming SP05. The catch is that they could not include add-on components. At that point I realized that I had not built a legitimate dashboard in over 4 years without Essentials Bundle. When I┬ásent an email to some colleagues for example dashboards, they too claimed that all of their dashboards used Essentials Plugin Bundle…

So that led me to think that more than 800 developers who use Essentials Bundle may be more efficient than those who do not use the components. Why? because the purpose of Essentials Bundle is to reduce Excel work and queries required to create an SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard project. For some it has been a great enhancement. For others it has transformed the way they build dashboards.

So while I am 100% biased because I designed the components, I extend to you an invitation to try them for yourself… We built these specifically with the dashboard developer in mind. Join the 800 and become more efficient as you implement dashboards for your customers.


I want to hear your feedback and experiences

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