Moving Centigon Solutions Forward as a Social Enterprise with Tech-Tuesdays

Today, I led the announced two new programs that will hopefully transform how Centigon Solutions engages customers, partners, and users. I have not mastered my Twitter account, but I certainly can go the other direction and use video and voice to communicate with the community. I modeled this program after two highly successful community initiatives that I have contributed and participated: EverythingXcelsius Gurus, and Diversified Semantic Layer.


The first program is a weekly 30 minute meetup called Tech-Tuesday where I will cover various technology topics related to Location Intelligence, Dashboards, or Mobility. I wanted to invite all of my readers to participate in this weekly free web session. The most important aspect of this webinar is that you can submit and vote on topics. This way I am talking about things you want to hear. It will be a good mixture of technology, tips, and other technology trends related to mobility, location intelligence, and BI.

Here are the upcoming sessions where you can sign up once and have permanent access to the weekly series.

Centigon Gurus

In combination with Tech-Tuesdays, we also took a first step today to solidify a loosely coupled but growing collection of users, evangelists, and experts into our own user community. Centigon Gurus is a free service where our customers, partners, and users can get access to the complete library of Tech-Tuesday videos, early access to Centigon Solutions product releases, and engage each other through our new Linked-In Group. Regardless if you purchase our products or not, it is an open invitation for anyone who wants to learn and help spread the word.

I hope to see some of you join in and provide your own expertise and insight. I would love to have a few of my blog readers on as a guests to present a technical topics or problems that you encountered and solved, so please submit your topics or contact me directly.

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