Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur- Video Interview with SOTGC

Last week, I sat down with Marney Reid from SOTGC to share with her readership the lessons that I learned as an Entrepreneur. Some of the main topics covered were lessons learned, finding a good support system, balancing work and personal life, and suggestions for success.

Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling (SOTGC) is a new community that Marney put together  because her and her female friends are in male dominated industries and are trending towards shattering the proverbial Glass Ceiling.  She created this forum for the modern Renaissance Woman where community members can collectively share ideas, promote each other, and help support each others goals and aspirations.

Marney is off to a great start and he, so any female readers in IT should definitely join in on the discussion. Marney also recently did an interview with Heather Sinkwitz, co-author of  SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide.

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