My new years resolution is to use my brain less title sounds ridiculous but the reality is that my goal for 2013 is to rely less on my memory for tasks and organization and re-define the process, mechanisms, and technologies that I use to organize myself and remember less. Hopefully my brain can be freed up to store important things like movie quotes or song lyrics.

Reminders Are Much Better with Siri-

I now religiously rattle off tasks into Siri to remind me to do things based on time or even location.

  • When I get to the office remind me to talk with Evan about GMaps.
  • When I leave the office remind me to not forget my power cord
  • When I get home, remind me to take out the trash
  • Tomorrow at 9am, remind me to call a customer about GMaps Mobile
  • When I leave here (the bar) remind me to close my tab .

Now I wish that Siri was more sophisticated so I can rattle off reminders like groceries that I need next time I go to the store, or to tell a friend something next time I go to their house… I get my reminders on my PC and on my phone which is nice.

Follow-Up Taks

The second, most important change for 2013 is figuring out the ultimate way to organize email and follow up tasks. At any given point, I am involved in over 100 threads or conversations related to my business and while logic would indicate hiring another brain, I believe there has to be a more efficient process and technology for organizing, accessing, and optimizing my tasks and follow up items.

Right now, I use Salesforce, GMail, Evernote, and my calendar. There has to be a more streamlined approach because I am not the only person with this problem. The question is how do I pull all of this stuff together and ensure that nothing moving forward falls between the cracks, and that this information is accessible and synchronized across my iPad, iPhone, and desktop all at all times?


On top of regular business, I have all of my social channels and integrations all wired up. I love using Facebook because I can have a complete thought. Twitter is impossible to keep up with, Linked-In is now information overload, and Google + is an island disconnected from it all. There is so much overlap and duplicate information that cutting through the clutter and pulling out valuable nuggets and keeping up with my friends and colleagues has become nearly impossible even with Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

I will have to really re-think how I approach social for 2013 to make sure I can keep up and at the same time ensure that the content I put out there is useful and that I don’t let anyone hanging.

I don’t have answers yet, but if you do please share with the group. I am very much interested to learn what kind of processes, tools, and techniques that you use.

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