I am not a huge fan of Twitter, and have secretly hoped that someone would invent a successor for a long time.. You can’t deny the popularity of the Twitter platform and its staggering statistics for usage. I wish there was a statistic to see on average how many minutes are expended on Twitter by users formatting and crafting a Tweet vs actually engaging conversations. Perhaps another statistic of how many Tweets are started and never broadcasted because the user gives up and moves on to something else.. I have dozens of those! I know some Twitter masters like Mico Yuk who have mastered the art, but those social media gurus are few and far between.

Who is finding Value?

I see Twitter as an intermediate step toward something more powerful beyond the petabytes unstructured information that people generate every day that is archived into irrelevance as it happens. Marketers have found tremendous value in this information as a way to analyze and engage consumers on the frontline from the comfort of a data center. Twitter is fantastic because it gives everyone a voice that can be heard in real-time, about any topic that other like-minded individuals can discuss. My problem is that these conversations are fragmented, difficult to follow, and understand. I am a huge fan of Linked-In and I believe they are the company to watch over the next 18 months, specifically for professionals. I was shocked to hear from 13-14 year old kids last week that Facebook is “dead” or old news to them. When when I asked what they were using now, their response was Twitter…

Am I just Twitter Challenged?

I struggle with Twitter because it takes too much time and effort to format my message into something meaningful. The time expended vs value and utility is difficult for me to wrap my mind around. I go through spurts where I am active because I do find so many useful nuggets of information amongst the mountains of useless garbage that flows through my streams. By itself, Twitter is a horrible experience, only enhanced by the third-party ecosystem that has given it life.

So what is next? When does real-time social engagement take its next evolutionary leap? Who are the geniuses quietly scheming  to make it happen?


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