Putting new hire candidates through the grinder

Running a small software business, you need to surround yourself with a reliable and skilled team. Going through the hiring process for new talent  is painful, but could be the difference maker as you grow. Recently, our CTO implemented a new testing program for inbound software engineer candidates who come to Centigon Solutions with cover letters, expertise, and promises of success.

There are plenty of clever interview questions that invoke deep thought, put interviewees under pressure, and try to reveal someone’s ability to handle curve balls. For skilled labor, all of those questions come second to finding out what happens when the rubber meets the road.

Testing is the fastest way to weed out talent from those who will fake it until they make it. For software engineers, we found this fantastic tool to setup a simple testing program:


Within our interview process, we ask candidates to take simple engineering problems and code a solution, communicate abstract processes back to us, and interpret specialized problems that are specific to our business. The goal is not to stump them, but evaluate their approach even if they have Google at their disposal.

So far it has proven extremely useful for our team to use InterviewZen.com as a baseline to control who gets through the front door at Centigon Solutions.

What tools do you use for hiring?


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