Building an App in 10 Days- Putting your Ideas on Paper

With Step 1 complete and a newly found problem worth solving identified, my next step in my adventure was to put some ideas on paper.

I have talked to enough individuals with brilliant App ideas and always offer the same advice:

Put your Ideas on Paper

Pen, paper, and time are relatively inexpensive investments compared to the costs you will incur building your app. This series does not focus on building a business plan around mobile Apps, but part of your planning will have to do with goal-setting typically aligned with creating a business plan.


You should be able to explain your app in 2 sentences max:

1. What is your app

2. What value does your app create

3. What is the closest alternative to your app

4. How are you better than that alternative.

Example: PrizeFinder presents exhibitor prizes/giveaways within an indoor maps experience, allowing more engagement and higher traffic from trade show attendees. Unlike traditional gimmicks and tools for connecting attendees with exhibitors, PrizeFinder combines indoor mapping technology with exhibitor submitted data to enhance the attendee experience.


Put yourself in the shoes of your user and keep your favorite, easy to use apps on hand as you start sketching all of the screens in your app. You need to decide how someone will navigate and input/consume information. Your vision needs to be crystal clear to the developer who will create the app. If you are a developer, you need to explain your idea to the least technical person you know and see if they can follow you.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the wireframes I created for PrizeFinder because I discarded them and moved to Balamiq almost immediately since I have a ton of experience wire framing and designing apps.
Next time we will identify the technologies you will have at your disposal for building an App.


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