SAP Dashboards. Choose Flash or Mobile and Forget HTML5

I have educated enough confused customers to finally write a post about the two publishing options for SAP Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius ) for BI4 and BI4.1. The confusion customers are experiencing has to do with the vagueness of SAP’s messaging around HTML5 and SAP Dashboards.


SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards does NOT have an option to publish directly to HTML5.  To clarify… you can NOT run an HTML5 version of your dashboard in your browser, desktop, or portal environments.

2 Publishing Options:

1. Publish to Flash- Flash is still a very powerful and the only true cross platform, cross browser compatible technology in the marketplace. When you publish to BusinessObjects, DashboardBuilder, PPT, PDF, HTML, it is always Flash.

2 Publish to SAP Mobile BI– When you export to mobile you are publishing directly to the BOE repository. Here is where the HTML5 comes in… When you publish for mobile, SAP Dashboards is generating an HTML5 package required to run the dashboard on mobile operating systems which does not support Flash. Ultimately, any HTML5 capabilities available in SAP Dashboards is served up exclusively through the SAP Mobile BI App.

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