On 8/14 Mico Yuk, Founder of BIDF and I hosted #AllAccessAnalytics. AllAccessAnalytics is a 90 minute webcast that aims to cut right to the chase of what’s new and exciting at SAP. Just as important, we connect you as a global audience with the top thought leaders at SAP and provide a forum to ask questions.

Steve Lucas, SAP President of Platform and Solutions and his leadership team delivered on their promise to show exciting, new innovation and direction for the SAP Analytics portfolio. Steve also introduced new members of the Analytics leadership team who shared the virtual stage to add commentary throughout.


New Focus


1.  Enterprise Business Intelligence which has over 60,000 customers. On multiple occasions it was re-affirmed that those 60,000 customers are a high priority and that BI 4.1 would be generally available before the end of month which generated a spike on twitter.

In addition to enterprise BI, Agile Visualiation, covered below and Advanced Anaysis wit the second and third areas of focus where a majority of the webinar’s focus was placed.

Clear Priorities

#1 Customer engagement

#2 Customer success

#3 Innovation

To highlight this commitment, we saw a brief demo of an upcoming Customer Success Center that launches September 9th. This was certainly one of the highlights and a topic that generated lots of questions and excitement.


Agile Visualization

Agile visualization is a new category additional focus based on market changes to make analytics easy to adopt and share. Lumira and Lumira cloud are critical components to the overall strategy but not the entire story which will organically be announced and release as we move forward. The premise explained how customers need to work with on premise data and share distribute and consume on all devices.



Michael Reh pulled some incredible demos out of the lab illustrating that the innovation pipeline is full with new tools and integrations.

  • The first demonstration was a geo visual inside of Lumira allowing configuration and visualization of multiple layers of data together.
  • A sleek HTML5 Webi interface that is optimized for huge data sets. In the demo Shekhar, demonstrated a sample running against 1B rows


We had LOTS of questions via Twitter and inside the webinar, we ran out of time to ask many important questions live. SAP has taken on the role to ensure all of your questions are answered.

I will include that link here immediately after it is available.

My Take

Agile analytics puts basic data quality, semantics, and visualization capabilities into the hands of business power users and analysts… Your decision making abilities can go from 50mph with basic charts and interactive maps to 1000mph with predictive analytics. I would love to see in the middle to help identify irregular trends, outliers, etc. This basic level of diagnostics is a small step toward predictive that could facilitate a faster transition, alleviating business users from still hunting and pecking for information.

When I strip away all of the new technology and look at the results, Agile Analytics is an example of “descriptive analytics.” In other words, I can describe the data visually but need to hunt for information based on pre-defined questions or topics of interest. The value of Agile Analytics is an ability to do it much faster (with data quality control) and presumably get it into the hands of more people. From Steve’s description, Lumira is not the entire solution so I am excited to see what’s next!

When I looked at the diagram you have HANA on one end, the cloud on the other, and Lumira smack in the middle holding the entire thing together. For Agile Analytics to work, users will need to fall in love with Lumira, adopt, and evangelize it. SAP is fostering the opportunity pick up and try the technology with Data Geek challenges but business users will ultimately need to use it at work.

This is new territory for SAP because the span of time for a business analyst to test and determine value of Agile Analytics is very short. If SAP finds the right formula we should shortly see more social proof thus accelerating the the Lumira snowball to start rolling over Tableau and Cliqtech.



In addition, I will include the video as soon as it’s available.

We had almost 800 registered for this event which has become the norm, so we are already looking for new ways to enhance the experience for you! Please keep Mico and I posted to what you would like to see next from #AllAccessAnalytics.


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