Using Geo and Twitter to Track Engagement

This last week, I decided to run an experiment before this weeks SAP BusinessObjects conference. I wanted to see how much traffic there was at the event and profile how effective individual tweets were based on subject, time, and most importantly location.

With a little bit of work completed by my team using the Twitter API which will shortly make it’s way into GMaps Mobile, I used SAP Dashboards and CMaps Plugin to prototype the solution. Within an hour I was querying tweets based purely on subject and location.

I found some interesting results out of the gates but to my disappointment, the volume of location data captured and served up through the Twitter APIs is highly limited when it comes to spatial queries. We will go back to the drawing board to extract meaningful feeds from Twitter. It is a shame because it would have made a killer demo for SBOUC!

More to come as I find new ways to use some of the new tools we are creating!

If you are attending and want to see how I wired it up, stop by the Centigon Solutions booth.

Twitter Dashboard

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