SAP Dashboards Column Insertion to Change Measures

After searching the internet, I couldn’t find an article to explain to a customer how to use Column Insertion feature to dynamically change a measure in a chart. While this may seem basic for the longtime Xcelsius user, I still talk to new dashboard developers every day who are getting through the old SAP Dashboards learning curve, especially when trying to wire up heatmaps with our CMaps Plugin compoent

Source File

1. First you need your data- This simple data set has one dimension (region) and 3 measures (sales, expenses, net income). The goal is to toggle between the measures.


2. Drag and drop a selector component (combo-box, label menu, etc) on to the canvas

3. Open the property sheet for the selector

4. Bind the Labels property to your measure titles (sales, expenses, net income). This is the measures your end users will chose between and view in the chart.

5. Now you will select the insertion type = Column

6. Bind the source data to all 3 columns of data- This is the entire data set that you are selecting from and will include the column titles.

You should always include the column titles so you can re-use them for the chart title / labels. You always want to capture what has been selected so it can be displayed back to the end user.


7. Bind the destination to a single column that is in equal size in rows to the source data (shown in yellow)

8. The last step for the selector is to set the default selection. If you only have 3 measures and sales is the first in the list, why not make it selected by default? Go to the behavior tab, and make Label 1 or Position 1 the default selected item.



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