Are you Showrooming your retail purchases?


Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store without purchasing it, but then shopping online to find a lower price for the same item. The availability of cost-free shipping for larger items is enough to drive shoppers to buy online.

The speed and ease for purchasing products online is undeniable for a consumer, especially one like myself who does not believe shopping is a leisure activity.

Amazon naturally has access to a lot of information related to your web browsing and shopping behaviors. With that information Amazon can predict things that you may need.

Mobile technology has aided Amazon and enabled a new level of Showrooming where you can scan a bar code and buy online using the Amazon App.


Are Indoor Analytics the Key for Retailers?

Retailers are also taking advantage of mobile technology to help track engagement and consumer behaviors. Wifi triangulation and Bluetooth provide new methods to actively and passively understand customers’ needs. This technology in combination with membership rewards, credit cards, and even mobile Apps create new opportunities to better understand behaviors and make better offers to generate revenue.

Are you showrooming or buying from retailers?

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