Webi Extensions Allows Embedded Dashboards and Maps

For those of you who have been using SAP BusinessObjects for a while, you may remember a feature that never made it out of Labs, called “extension points.” With the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 extension was re-introduced in a more stable, SDK format.

Needless to say with the work that I do with location intelligence, my team jumped in crossing our fingers that the result would allow us to embed and consume data from Webi natively.

Lots of Flexibility

Extension points grants an empty HTML container for which we have complete control to load any content we like. In addition, as creators of an extension you can fine tune the experience to display any content. For report designers there is potentially no configuration required to prepare the extension point unless the developer creates such functionality.


Potential Challenges

Extension points is a new set of APIs, so there is not a lot of knowledge, code examples, or documentation above and beyond standard Javascript Docs. As such it takes a little trial and error and patience to build and test with extension points. If you are not a competent Javascript developer, you will need to find one to start building your extension point.

Embed SAP Dashboards Inside Webi

Ultimately, we have created a tool that allows us to embed SAP Dashboards inside of Webi through our CMaps Analytics extension. Upon release, we will make it available to hundreds of customers first and then evaluate the demand for this functionality on a broader scale. If you think this functionality would be useful for your projects, let me know.

Overall, there is a lot of promise and opportunity with this new feature and my team is certainly working to push the envelope of what is possible.

UPDATE- 2015

After our first experiments we went all-in and ceated a plug and play maps approach out of the box with our CMaps Analytics template designer. Check this out:

Here is where you can learn more about CMaps Analytics for Webi

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