Buyer Beware: How Cox Communications Preyed on my Small Business

This is a different kind of blog post that usual, but I wanted to issue a warning to business owners who are moving to an office and have considered Cox Communications for bundled internet and telephone.  Be extremely careful entering multi-year contracts, because you are not protected in any way, regardless of the availability or quality of service.

We recently opened a case with BBB over a dispute where process and system failures at Cox Communications disabled our phone lines 4 times within a month period rendering our business unreachable for days at a time with no warning.

It reached a tipping point where we had to switch phone providers to restore service after we missed important customer support calls. Our phone numbers not forwarding and our 800 auto-attendant was not working, all of which were serviced under a Cox Communications contract.

Cox Solution: Pay the monthly fees or get a large bill for the remaining contract balance. 

Our goal was simple, we wanted Cox to make the situation right.. Amend the contract to not include phone service or amend it to credit us back monthly so we are not paying for the service which we couldn’t use. I even agreed to re-sign a new contract for 3 years for just internet service which would have made Cox Communications more money than the current contract.

Bottom line, we didn’t want to pay for a service that was un-serviceable by Cox after they adamantly and in writing apologized for the outages caused.

Cox suggested resolution was that if we canceled our phone lines we had to pay 2 year telephone service or simply keep paying $134/month for 3 telephone lines that we can’t use. Even through escalation with BBB, they stood by a contract that as it turns out puts no accountability on Cox Communications in a case where service is un-usable.

Fair enough… So now I feel it is my duty to warn consumers about our experience so it does not happen to you…

So here is what you can expect if you purchase telephone lines from Cox Communications:

1. If you use automated touch tone virtual assistant, any changes to your account will reset the system without warning.

2. If Cox assigns phone numbers, be prepared for debt collectors to constantly call trying to reach previous phone number holders. We had to change our business phone numbers 2 different times.

3. If your service is unavailable for any reason due to Cox making operational mistakes or virtual system outages, Cox is not liable in any way.

Where I go from here…

So at the end, I am writing a check for $134 dollars for sub par telephone service that I can not use for another 18 or so months. Despite my efforts escalating with senior management at Cox, opening a case with BBB Cox did not dispute our claims but rather did dispute that they are not liable in any way for their service not working.

From here, I simply make sure that every person, professional, and business owner I know is aware that you should look elsewhere when it comes to bundling internet and phone services with Cox Communications.

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