In 2018, leading enterprise technology companies (software, value engineering, system integration) are investing to improve online engagement across all channels. If your company has a diverse portfolio of enterprise solution offerings that requires a more complex sales cycle, your competitors likely follow the same content marketing playbook with webinars, white papers, and articles.

When a customer lands on your website, how are you engaging them to discover their business needs and recommend correct solutions?

How to Stand out from Competition

To combat these trends and stand out from competition, enterprise software companies like SAP, Informatica, and Adobe have embraced online assessments as a tool to provide a deeper level of self discovery and demonstrate thought leadership in their respective markets.

Only 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine. (HubSpot, 2016).

What is an Online Assessment?

An online assessment collects user input in a survey, performs analysis, and delivers recommendations in the form of a report or summary. There are 2 important components:

Capture Business Pains

1. Assessment Survey

An assessment survey contains a series of business questions with quantitative inputs (rankings, ratings, etc). The goal is to quantify the business criticality of your customers' challenges. Presumably these are business challenges that can be resolved through products and services. Online assessments should be highly focused on industry and/or line of business topics that matter to your customer.

Align Solutions to your Offerings

2. Assessment Report

An assessment report provides a summary of the customer's appraisal with industry insights, benchmarks, and calculated results that help customers prioritize and alignment their business challenges to proposed solution offerings.

TIP: Think of personalized assessment reports as a "Whitepaper 2.0." You can demonstrate your market thought leadership, share key figures, industry stats, and align your customer's business pains to solutions and industry benchmarks.

Why Customers Value Online Assessments

To create immediate value to your customer, online assessment should quantifying the impact and business criticality of addressing business challenges. The outcome of a successful online assessment is clear and concise recommendations for solving business challenges.

Business Focus

Align customer business pains with your offerings

Quantifiable Impact

Understand impact and business criticality

Better Web Experience

Push relevant, prioritized content to prospects.


Suggest personalized recommendations based on line of business and/or industry.

What are potential outcomes of using Online Assessments?

Accelerate your Customer’s Journey

Streamline the “discovery” process and deliver highly qualified leads to your sales team.

Demonstrate thought leadership

Showcase your understanding of your customer’s industry and line of business challenges.

Establish Industry / Line of Business Benchmarks

Create benchmark data (based on your assessment usage growth)  so customers know how they compare to industry or line of business peers.

Feedback loop to your engineering / center of excellence

Track what features, products, and services are most /least impactful to customers. Systematically relay new business pains that need to be addressed.

Measure customer adoption over time

Prioritize the right solution offerings, and what impact those solutions have on your customer’s business through the entire lifecycle.

Create Strategic Partnerships with Customers

Leverage assessments for value engineering and center of excellence workshops. Help customers use assessments for strategic planning.

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